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The running of the bulls
Parade where we show the tipycal spanish party with people running between bulls across streets. The originality is our bulls are inflatable puppets. The bulls are funny and not dangerous. Only show where all publics (children included) can run with the bulls and adrenaline. The run is performed by the five bulls.
Show begins with warm up with the public and our runners. Then runners invoke the Saint to ask for his protection with a song and set off a rocket, better known as the Chupinazo, for announcing the beginning of the festivity.
All show is guided by our speaker and runners. People can run, touch and and even dance with bulls. At the end of itinerary, the public can entry to our special bull ring for to try don’t took a tumble by the horns.

Do you dare? Guaranteed fun

Performed in:
– Feria Internacional de Títeres, SEVILLA
– Carnival of CÁDIZ
– Street Theatre Festival, ÚBEDA
– Festival Posada de los Títeres, Sierra Morena
– Comedy Theatre Festival, EL PUERTO
– DINAMO program, Cultural Provincial Foundation of Cadiz
Format : Parade
Public : All publics
Time : Day
Type : Comedy
Duration : 70 minuts (depending on itinerary)
* We recommend the organization to invite the public to come dressed in white with a red sash.

Bulls Alejandro Varo
Antonio López Corral
Ángel Casares
Adrian Varo
Speaker Paula Hinojosa
Runners Juandy Lozano
Guillermo Capote
Director Pepe Ferrer