El Carromato is a Street Theatre company founded in Cadiz (Spain) in 2000. We play shows for the street, parades and special events. Our plays are from small to large format with a variety of languages as performances, physical theatre, classical theater… by Asia and Europe: France, Russia, Singapore, Romania, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain…

We have created almost twenty shows in open air and adapted for theatre using elements as puppets, inflatables, fantasy make-ups, stilts, pyrotechnics, live music, choreographies, magic, etc..

Several of our shows have come to realize over 300 performances touring cities throughout the Spanish geography as Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Cádiz, Murcia, Sevilla, Ciudad Rodrigo, Vitoria, Burgos, Úbeda, Málaga, etc.
We also offer street theatre courses.


Pascual Varo

Director of the company.

He is author of most of the company productions. He began to play theatre at 80s at Teatro Jaramago company with the famous play El Retablillo de Don Cristóbal (by Lorca), Odisea or El Matador (scenic poems) by Rafael Alberti. Then he teached in Theatre School of El Puerto de Santa María and founded Piesplanos Teatro company wich he mades his first street theatre show and participated in opening of Isla de la Cartuja ’93 theme park of Sevilla.
He mades courses with important theatre directors as Franklin Caicedo, Manuel Morón, Antonio Onetti or Antonio Álamo…
He was teacher of street theatre for five years at University of Cádiz.
In 2000 founded El Carromato – Street Theatre Company with the play “Otto’s Machine” (theatre for childrens) writed by himself.



Adrián Varo

Actor, productor of company and director of “Big Dancers” show.

He studied Master in Performing Arts in the University of Sevilla. He got also two degrees in the University of Cádiz: one in Advertising and Public Relations and other one in Music Education as well as a degree in Expert Culturel Manager.
He worked with Els Comediants. He began to play theatre and make lighting designs for classicals in Roman theatre in Mérida, Sagunto, Itálica and Segóbriga. His work was played in Arriaga Theatre of Bilbao, Festival Palace of Santander, Teatre Novedades of Barcelona, Pavón Theatre of Madrid…

He made courses with Mooky Cornish (clown of Cirque du Soleil), Thomas Leabhart (mime), José Luis Alonso de Santos, Juan Dolores Caballero, José Mª Roca, Pedro Álvarez-Ossorio, Rafael Portillo and Mercedes de los Reyes.

He worked as lighting and sound technician at Iberoamerican Theatre Festival FIT of Cádiz, show of Buenafuente by Terrat Pack, Comedy Theatre Festival and the Pedro Munoz Seca Theatre of El Puerto, and concerts for Lolita, Manuel Carrasco, Carmen Linares, Jarabe de Palo, Javier Ruibal, El Cigala, etc.