Big Dancerstit


TOUR 2024
– Pamplona Spain | 3-4 January
– Spain | 5 January
– Hong Kong | 9-12 February
– France | 27-29 February
– Zenit Pau France | 22 Mars
– Les lucs sur Boulogne France | 18 May
– Stamp Fest, Hamburgh GERMANY | 8 June
– Deventer Op Stelten HOLLAND | 12-14 July
– Spain | 3 August
– France | 31 August
– Spain | 5 September
– Nancy France | 7-8 December

Has toured to:
Opening Ceremony and Closing Event European Capital of Culture Valletta 2018 MALTA
– Imaginarius, Santa Maria da Feira, PORTUGAL
– London, Global Streets UK
– Hogmanay, Edinburgh UK
– International Theatre Festival, Sibiu ROMANIA (2 editions)
– Platonov Arts Festival Voronezh, RUSSIA
– Au Bonheur des Mômes, Le Grand-Bornand FRANCE
– B-FIT in the Street! Bucharest ROMANIA
– Tollwood, Munich GERMANY (2 editions)
– Kulturborse Freiburg GERMANY Opening Gala
– Night Light, Leeds UK
– Balaton Sound, HUNGARY
– Gadeteater, DENMARK
– Autumn Festival, Shanghai and Hangzhou CHINA
– Children Arts Festival, New Taipei TAIWAN
– Journées des Arts de la Marionnette, TUNIS
– Doha QATAR
– Parade Chinese new year, MACAU
– Olala, AUSTRIA
– International Street Theatre Festival Arkhangelsk, RUSSIA
– Les Jeudis de Perpignan, FRANCE (2 editions)
– Carnival, Nice FRANCE (2 editions)
– Fête du citron, Menton FRANCE (3 editions)
– Riyadh Front, SAUDI ARABIA

Lorca Theatre Award – Best street performance
Asociacion de Artes Escénicas de Andalucía (Spain).

Big Dancers is a street performance featuring giant puppets (4 m. / 13 ft. high) and synchronized music and lighting to match the choreographic movements. A magic environment with some human sculptures of different geometric forms with lighting creating a powerful visual impact.
Very tall characters perform in their colorful costumes of lights with different choreographies, flooding the streets with our “electro-energetic” inviting the audience to have fun and dance. The artists will collaborate with the audience to generate an atmosphere like a street party. Enjoy the colourful puppets during the day and their lights at night time.

Everything is ready for the audience to dance with the greatest!

Adapted as walk acts and/or fixed performance.



Format: Medium – Large
Type: Performance
Time: Night and/or day
Public: All publics
Duration: 1h or 2 sets x 30′
Language: No text.
* Possible adaptations from 4 to 6 puppets.


– Mercè, International Street Theatre Festival, Barcelona
– Iberoamerican Theatre Festival FIT, Cádiz opening show
– Theatre Fair of Ciudad Rodrigo premiere 2014
– FETEN The European Performing Arts Fair for Children, Gijon
– FAMM Festival Animació i Music of Festes Magdalena, Castellon
– International street theatre Fitec, Getafe – Madrid
– White night, Bilbao
– Theatre Festival, El Ejido
– Festival FIROBI, Vilassar de Mar
– Theatre Comedy Festival, El Puerto de Santa Maria
– MARCEL Street Theatre Festival, L’Eliana Valencia

Performers Guillermo Capote
Ángel Casares
Celia Ruiz
Nerea Hernández
Technician Adri Varo
Efrain Cruz
Artistic director Adri Varo
Idea Pascual Varo
Puppets and lighting
Adri Varo
Choreographer Cristian Ávila
Adri Varo
Music by La Suite Bizarre
Adri Varo
Costumes Milagros and Juani Gutierrez
Electronic assitant Manuel Segura
Build puppets El Carromato SL.
Photos FotoVicente
Video recording Filmapro Producciones